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          Home>Our advantage > 20 years Professional Maufacturer
          20 years Professional Maufacturer
          • East Of Pingcheng Road, Jiaoxi Industrial Park, Jiaozhou of Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China
          • 0532-82217766
          • 0532-82217766
          • zhongsu@madeplasticmachinery.com

          Over the passed twenty years, the Zhongsu Staff have been focusing on struggling in the plastic machinery industry and learnt from other manufacturers. We are dedicated to design develop and manufacture plastic equipment . The extrusion equipment processing and manufacturing technologies are at the leading level as the instruction of this industry. The company area is up to 20000 square meters. The annual output value is up to 50 million RMB. The capacity is more than one hundred sets of various plastic machines.